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P.O. Box 247
Delano, Ca. 93215
Phone (661)725-6403
Fax (661) 725-9262
   In 1996, Juvenal Montemayor founded La Jolla Farming in Delano, California.
   Beginning with 200 acres of table grape vineyards, La Jolla Farming
   succeeded with the purchase of more properties throughout the years, which
   were developed into table grape vineyards. La Jolla Farming Inc. is a premier
   grower, packer, and shipper of fresh California table grapes. It has earned a
   name in leadership, producing 9 different varieties, which include Red Globe
   Flame, Thompson, Crimson, Summer Royal, Autumn Royal, Scarlet Royal,
   Autumn King, and Princess. As La Jolla Farming grew to more than 1,400 
   acres, it required the building of La Jolla Cold Storage in 2001, which today 
   handles over 2 million grape boxes a year.

Located in the heart of the Southern San Joaquin Valley, the world's richest agriculture region, today the legacy of quality and service continues at La
Jolla Farming, Montemayor Trucking, and La Jolla Cold Storage. All three companies work side by side to guarantee the freshest and finest California
table grapes from the moment they are picked, packed, transported from the field to the cold storage, and shipped.